Jaguar Restoration

A Vicarage Jaguar is like no other classic car.
It is much more than a straightforward restoration. It can only be described as brand new.

Vicarage has been building and developing improved MK 2 Jaguars since 1984. Each car that has purred out of the Vicarage factory is a testament to both the original Jaguar design by Sir William Lyons, dating back thirty years, and to the peerless contemporary engineering and coachwork skills of the Vicarage team.

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Parts & Upgrades

We offer an upgrade service in the event your looking to apply a 'modern day touch' to the project, such as upgraded bracking system, powersteering and much more. If you have any questions about what is suitable or not, please contact us via telephone or via the contact form.

We operate a parts shop, whereby all the parts are manufactured by ourselves, here in the United Kingdom. Clicking on our 'Parts' link will take you through to our hosted shop on the Ebay Platform.

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